Nov 16, 2009

IBR's Busy Weekend With PilotsNPaws

Where to begin. This past weekend we were able to bring 3 dogs to safety through the kind hearts of several pilots. The first trip involved moving two dogs with 4 pilots coordinating across 3 states. From Oklahoma through Missouri to Illinois. WOW!!! What a fantastic job from everyone. IBR would like to thank the following pilots for all their time and generosity getting Chuck and Winberie to a safe place. Pilot Russ Roselewski (no pictures), Pilot Paul Shank and Tyler Wilson, Pilot Warren Levin and ChuckPilot Rhonda Buss and IBR volunteer Noreen Hyde.

The second flight of the weekend was for Gilbert. This was from IL to IN and Pilot Bogdan Janczura and his co-pilot Mike along with the help of IBR volunteer Bill Raymoure made sure that everything went as planned.Gilbert